A Fitness Tips App to Fit Your Lifestyle

Make Bitesize Exercise your indispensable app for making fitness achievable for you. Find out more about the Bitesize Way…

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Theresa Wright – Health and Fitness Specialist

Theresa is the creator of Bitesize Exercise. She is committed to making exercise and healthy living accessible to all.

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Bitesize Exercise is a unique app for iPhone, iPad and Android which makes exercise tips accessible for all.

The Bitesize Exercises - Whole Body Fitness Tips

Stretching an aching neck will relieve the tension associated with poor posture.

Simple exercises to strengthen, improve posture and release tension in the shoulders and back.

Got Repetitive Strain Injury? Golf or tennis elbow? This section is just for you!

The core is crucial – strengthen your abdomen, diaphragm and lower back for better posture and less pain!

Work your way to improved stability and suppleness in the hips to reduce injury and improve mobility.

Mobilise, strengthen and stretch your ankles – prevent or recover from lower leg injuries.

Clever, quick, and easy fitness tips to get your heart beating, wherever you are.